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 Claverack Garden Club - 2011 Archive

Claverack Garden Club members prepare flowers for residents to make floral baskets for Thanksgiving center pieces. Flowers, greens and baskets were provided by the club.
Creating Thanksgiving floral baskets

Completed Thanksgiving arrangements created by residents.
Finished Thanksgiving arrangements

The Claverack Club’s Be a Kid Again booth display at the Columbia County Fair took a nostalgic look at games played by past generations of kids.

Susan Ihlenburg's demonstation at the Columbia County Fair about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies.

At the Claverack Garden Club reception for new members on Saturday, August 13 are Seated L to R - Third District Director Reneta Benenati, Claverack Garden Club President Patricia Sama and Columbia County Garden Clubs Chairman Camille McComb. Standing: New members Regan Maxwell, Renee Maxwell and Joan Alexander, Director of the Philmont Library Karen Garafalo and a prospective member and guest, Marcella Guertin.

President Sama gives Orchid talk at Taghanic Senior meeting. (L to R) Florence Merrifield, Jean Smith, Patricia Sama

Patricia Sama, Sally Alderice, Joanne Armstrong

Sylvia Schaummann, Karen Garafalo, Patricia Sama

2011 Committees and Chairwomen:
Birds and Butterflies, Youth:  Jennie Kenas, Susan Ihlenburg
Book of Recognition, World Gardening:  Mary Ginouves
Civic Beautification:  Sylvia Schaummann, Mary Ginouves
Columbia County Fair:  Louise Bliss, Marge Chippari
Holiday Floral Baskets, Garden Therapy:  Sylvia Schaummann
Historian:  Jennie Kenas
Horticulture:  Wild Flowers Elane Seltzer
Membership:  Sunshine Sylvia Schaummann
Publicity:  Marge Chippari
Ways and Means:  Joanne Armstrong, Marge Chippari
Year Book:  President Sama and the Executive committee

2011 Claverack Garden Club Christmas Party

Sylvia Schaummann and Alexandra Parisella, hostesses at 2011 Christmas party. (Click to enlarge)
Sylvia Schaummann and Alexandra Parisella

Sue Ihlenbueg, Marcella Guertin and Joan Alexander during gift exchange at 2011 Chrismas party. (Click to enlarge)
Sue Ihlenbueg, Marcella Guertin and Joan Alexander

Jennie Kenas and Patricia Sama during gift exchange at 2011 Christmas party. (Click to enlarge)
Jennie Kenas and Patricia Sama

The Claverack Garden club toured Ward's nursery in Gt. Barrington, MA on October 13, 2011:

members and guests in photo: front - Marcella Guertin; back L to R - Ed and Mary Ginouves, Joan Alexander, President Patricia Sama, Marge Chippari, Jo Tortoricci, Louise Bliss
Ward's Nursery Tour

Ward’s nursery bulb expert demonstrates potting an Amaryllis bulb to Claverack Garden Club members.
Ward's Nursery Tour

At the Claverack Garden Club plant and garden items booth at Philmont Community Day, July 9, are volunteer helper Fred Seltzer, Renee Maxwell, Joanne Armstrong and Sylvia Schaummann.
Philmont Community Day

seated: Chairman of the Columbia County fair exhibit Elane Seltzer; standing President Patricia Sama, committee members Marge Chippari and Sylvia Schaummann. Missing from the photo is Mary Ginouves.

Claverack Garden Club members plant
at Philmont Library
Planting at Philmont Library

Claverack Garden Club officers installed
Garden Club Officers Installed

President Sama honors Mary Ginouves and Jennie Kenas, Book of Recognition recipients, with flowers
Garden Club Members