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Village and Hamelts


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Claverack Hamlet







Hollowville Community
Hollowville Community

Hollowville  (Taken in part from the writings of Captain Franklin Ellis, 1878)

Hollowville street

Hollowville is a hamlet a few miles east of the center of Claverack. It was formerly known as Smoky Hollow. It was settled because of the available water power, and its location along the Columbia Turnpike, now known as County Route 23. A short distance east from Hollowville was once known as "Overshot Mill," which was erected by Jacob Hoffman.

West from Hollowville is a small cluster of houses, known locally as "Buttermilk Falls."

On the small brook at this point were, in early times, woolen-mills and a distillery, by J. Rutsen Van Rensselaer. All these interests have long since disappeared.
Hollowville residence
Hollowville residence

There is a post office in Hollowville.

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