In September, 2023, the Town Board voted to expand the size of our Board of Assessment Review to five individuals. There are currently four openings on this committee.

The BAR’s purpose is to guarantee taxpayers’ rights by hearing real property assessment complaints (grievances) and arriving at fair and impartial determinations regarding those complaints. Initial appointees to the BAR must attend a BAR training session in order to participate in the hearing and determinations of assessment complaints on grievance day. Grievance Day is held the fourth Tuesday in May every year. When new members are appointed, they are required to attend mandatory training, participate on Grievance Day and participate in all deliberations. Grievance Day may not be just a one day event. It could take several days to hold the hearings and to deliberate, especially in the year of a Revaluation. If a BAR member accepts appointment to that board, he or she should refrain from scheduling any event (e.g. vacation) which might occur during the time period when the BAR must meet and deliberate.

If you would like to be considered for one of the vacancies, please submit a letter of interest to Mary Hoose, Town Clerk, Claverack Town Offices, P.O.Box V, Mellenville, NY 12544 or via email to [email protected] by Friday, December 8, 2023.