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**Please fill both the Application and the Hold Harmless Agreement when applying

Youth Commission

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Dog Licenses

In the Town of Claverack, you are required to have a dog license in order to house a canine on your premises. Dog licenses may be purchased at the Town Office: spayed/neutered ($10); unspayed/entire ($20). Bring proof of Rabies vaccination for your dog at the time of making an application for a dog license. Dog License Application

Hunting & Fishing Licenses

Hunting & fishing licenses can be purchased at the Claverack Town Office (or from any town clerk in New York State).

Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses may be purchased from any town clerk in New York State for $35. Licenses should be obtained 24 hours before the marriage ceremony and are valid for 60 days. Couples must visit the town clerk in person and present identification, and divorce papers from any prior marriages.