Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive. If you don’t see your question or answer here, please feel free to contact the Town Clerk.

Q. When is Grievance Day?

A. Grievance Day is the 4th Tuesday in May.  Please contact the Assessor’s Office for further details.

Q. Do I need a Building Permit for…

A. Contact the Building Department directly for further information.

Q. What is a STAR exemption and how do I register for a STAR exemption?

A. STAR exemption is a property tax credit that applies to your school tax. Please click on the following link eligibility requirements. https://www.tax.ny.gov/pit/property/star/default.htm

Q. I’m over 65 and I served in the Armed Forces, are there any property tax exemptions I can apply for?

A. Please contact the Assessor’s Office for further information.

Q. Does the Town have garbage collections?

A. No, you can purchase private garbage collection. There are a number of companies that service this area.  Also, garbage bags are available for purchase with the Town Clerk for any Columbia County Transfer station. Cash or check only. If you live in the Village of Philmont, please contact the Village Office regarding their trash collection at (518) 672-7032.

Q. What are the numbered placards on mailboxes or in front of houses?

A. These are 911 signs. Please visit http://www.columbiacounty911.com/addressing.html for further information.

Q. I just moved to Claverack. Who provides utilities?

A. There are two different companies that provide service, National Grid (Areas closer to Greenport) and NYSEG (Philmont and the surrounding areas).

Q. Is there a place in Town to host a party or event? Does it have a kitchen?

A. Yes. The Town Park offers a Pavilion and Kitchen on premise.

Q. When do tax bills go out and when are taxes due?

A. Town and County tax bills go out the first week of January and are due without penalty January 31st (unless otherwise specified).  School taxes are separate and are sent out directly by the School districts in August). For information about Hudson City School Taxes. For information regarding Taconic Hills Central School District. If you do not know what school district you are in please contact the Town Tax Collector at 518-672-7911 x 100.

Q. Do I need to license my dog or cat?

A. You need to license your dog with the Town Clerk. This is renewed annually. You do not need to license a cat.

Q. If a tree/limb/brush is in the middle of the road or obstructing a road who do I call?

A. You call the Highway Superintendent at (518) 851-7533. If it is after hours or on a weekend please call 911.

Q. My power went out, what do I do?

A. You contact your utility company.

Q. I have received a Traffic Ticket, who do I call?

A. The Town Court at (518) 672-4468.

Q. I live in the Town of Claverack,but my mailing address says Hudson. Why is that?

A. Many residents receive rural delivery from the Post Office through the Hudson zip code.  Even though your mailing address says Hudson, if you receive a Property Tax Bill from the Town, you live in Claverack.

Q. I have leaves and brush I would like to burn, is this legal?

A. Yes, but there are certain times when it is not allowed. Please visit this link before you do anything.

Q. My residence in Claverack is my second home and my primary residence has changed, do I need to notify anyone?

A. Whether Claverack is your primary or secondary home, you need to let the Tax Collector know when your address changes so you can receive your Property Tax Bill without incident.

Q. How do I report a street light that is out or is not working properly?

A. If a street light is out or not working properly, please call the Town Office at (518) 672-7911.

Q. How do you obtain a marriage license?

A. To obtain a Marriage License, you can come directly to the Town Clerk’s Office any time during business hours (Monday-Friday- 9:00 am to 3:00 pm).  If you cannot make it to the office during those posted hours, please call the Town Clerk to make arrangements for another time.